Windsor is a New Jersey-based transportation and handling company. They came to me with a request to brand the company after they had started the process themselves and already painted their fleet of trucks pink. We took the color and ran with it - realizing that it was not ideal, but it would certainly stand out amongst competitors. We felt that they needed to define their brand with the look and feel of a established transportation company yet they wanted a modern feel to their brand. Working with Reed Burgoyne, we developed a modern crest as the brand mark accompanied with a logotype using Flama. These two elements were then applied across both web and print platforms to create a seamless look that could stand together (mark and type) or alone. For the web development we opted to combine a custom secure CMS, which supports the main static content, along with a custom client platform, which supports communication with clients. Windsor clients can easily manage their shipment location and information and other content, while the styling is supported by reliable coding to ensure a seamless user experience.

Key Web Features Include: ipad and iphone compatibility, seamless customizable website and secure customer profiles.

Creative Direction & Design: Sarah Mead
Art Direction & Design: Reed Burgoyne
Web Development & Support: Zach Rottman